Digital loyalty card

Traditional plastic loyalty card are now being replaced with interactive digital rewards programs. App users can earn and burn CashBack or Points, monitor their loyalty account and review transaction history in your branded app.

Your customers will carry less, save more and never miss a reward.

Dramatically reduce administrative costs for plastic loyalty cards or paper punch cards. Now, simply scan a customer's Member ID to automatically reward them for their purchase.


'Plug' Muulla into almost any existing loyalty platform to allow customers to manage their loyalty accounts from your branded app.

You can also use our already integrated, world-leading loyalty engine 'Clique' (recommended) to drive and manage your loyalty program for enhanced efficiency, reporting and results.

Click here to learn more about Clique.

Earn and burn

With Muulla, your customers are constantly connected to your brand via their mobile devices. It's quick, convenient, always on... and always on them!

Build customer profile data to really understand your customers. Track their shopping preferences, spending habits and purchase history in your stores and build future campaigns according to this.

Monitor the success of your business advert, voucher and loyalty campaigns using a host of detailed, online reporting tools. Your loyalty members, top customers, transaction details and other reports are stored online in the CMS.


Easy online ordering

Muulla Ordering allows customers to place orders directly from their phone or desktop. Allow your customers to 'express order' their favourite meals in an easy, step-by-step ordering process. Customer's orders are pushed directly to the relevant, store-specific POS.

Customers will automatically earn loyalty Points or CashBack for in-app orders, and can also pay with loyalty currency, credit card, rewards or coupons.

Secure payment

Customers have the ability to save a preferred payment method whilst securely storing other cards on-device to make for secure, quick and easy payments at the tap of a finger.

Users' credit card details are securely tokenised and saved in the cloud to facilitate convenient ‘single-tap’ reuse.

Muulla POS

Muulla integrates into major POS systems so you can review and process mobile orders directly from your existing POS software.

Or you can use our already integrated Muulla POS to manage your mobile orders separately. Muulla POS runs as a web session on any internet-enabled device.


Location-based adverts

Muulla uses smartphone GPS technology to send location-based, targeted adverts, vouchers and messages to customers in a defined area.

Use Muulla's Adverts module to advertise new products, special promotions, events and sales. Nearby customers receive an alert when you publish new Adverts. That's instant, direct communication with a relevant audience.

You can create and publish content to the app, edit your business profile and access a suite of powerful reports from the Online CMS.

Push notifications

Push notifications give your business a voice.

App alerts provide you with a permission-based, value-added mobile messaging channel that delivers useful information to your customers when and where they want it, significantly boosting brand engagement.

When you publish new content to your mobile app, customers will receive a notification alerting them of your post!


Muulla allows your app users to build a 'favourites profile' by opting-in to receive notifications from specific business locations or categories of product or service. 'Favourites' are saved and users are only notified when:

  1. Relevant content is published, and
  2. They are in the vicinity of the offer

Users then set notification 'ring-fences' for each 'favourite'. This means the user will only receive an alert when they are within the prescribed ring-fence distance from a location with an offer relevant to that 'favourite'.


Location-based coupons

The powerful Muulla Coupons module allows distribution, authentication and redemption of coupons and coupon codes directly from a user’s mobile device.

Users are pushed coupons when they are in relevant proximity to a participating location. Users may also view adverts and coupons at any time, however, you will always have full control of coupon issuing through the CMS.

Minimise coupon costs

Muulla carves out unnecessary marketing spend through the efficient digital delivery of mobile vouchers and coupons, eliminating the need for costly design, print and distribution campaigns.

Creating, printing, distributing and managing paper coupon campaigns is time consuming, non-interactive, costly and not an 'always-present' nor preferred medium for the customer.

Muulla coupons are distributed and accessible from the convenience of a user's mobile phone without the need to print.


Vouchers and payment

Push time and content-relevant vouchers when customers' phones when they are in-store.

Give your customers the option to transact with POS via their mobile device.

Allow contactless payment, earn and burn of loyalty points and even redemption of vouchers with Muulla iBeacons. Customer payment details are tokenised and saved securely in the cloud.

In-store movement analytics

Online retailers can use browser cookies to suggest specific products to customers based on their internet activity. iBeacons can offer this same opportunity to bricks-and-mortar retailers by tracking customers in-store movements, and pushing content to the customer's phone based on their specific location in the store.

Collect, report and analyse in-store customer location data. Discover where your customers move and how they shop for your products.


Powerful analytics

Extensive data collection and powerful analytics make Muulla's Reporting module an invaluable customer intelligence tool for management decision making.

Via a suite of online reports, Muulla gives you an in-depth, analytical understanding of your customers. Gain insight into buying trends and campaign success to really understand the customer.

Monitor customer behaviour, macro-location and consumption preferences. Use this valueable data for targeted marketing campaigns and increase customer spend.

Data is gold

Really understand your customer: When they are in the vicinity of your store locations, where they work, what routes they commute.

Using opt-in geotagging, Muulla anonymously traces all user movements, preferences, ring-fence breaches, viral-share actions, advert views, voucher uses and more. In doing so, Muulla collects vast amounts of data that will help deepen your customer understanding and equip you with these sharpened tools to enhance management decision making.

Monitor advert-consumer interaction via rich, dynamic and customisable real-time online reporting tools allowing leveraged insights to maximise and monetise results.